Webinar: The Deloitte Budget Seminar 2020

The Event

The Deloitte Budget 2020 webinar is a fully online event focusing on the key highlights of the Budget 2020 proposals by the Singapore government.

The Challenge

February 2020 had many uncertainties due to the onset of Covid19. The Singapore Airshow 2020 seen sponsors pulling out of the event as well as numerous engagements that was supposed to be held postponed indefinitely. Apart from that, events were unsure if they should continue with the number of cases rising each day.

As such, the call to move the format from a physical ballroom event to an online platform was decided.

Historically, the Deloitte Budget Seminar is a physical event held in hotel ballrooms. Speakers are invited to the conference and share their views in person rather than an online experience.In lieu of the change in template, we had 2 weeks to make the adjustments.

This includes content for the conference, venue space, understanding Zoom as well as getting the invites out. Event registration was a critical part of the online webinar success.

How We Helped

Sourcing for a venue was key. It has to make sense monetary wise. Since the Budget Seminar cannot be executed in it’s traditional template, Compass recommended to have the event to be moved to Deloitte’s office in OUE Downtown. The upside is there is no rental cost and the space is large enough to accommodate the speakers as well as the working crew.

  • Backdrop Production
  • Space Design
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Livestream Crew
  • Lighting
  • Webinar Advisory and Consultancy

What We Delivered

The webinar was delivered via Zoom and on the day of the seminar, specific equipment was used to ensure the internet connectivity is kept as stable as possible to ensure a high-quality video stream. This is independent of the OUE Downtown office’s wi-fi. The upside of using Zoom is the delay in between transmission is limited to 2 seconds. For other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, the delay can be up to 30 seconds which makes Q&A challenging. The overall feedback was very positive, particularly the webinar was the first which was adopted due to the Covid-19 situation. Each speaker was arranged to be as comfortable as possible in front of a virtual audience.

Download the commentary here: https://www2.deloitte.com/sg/en/pages/tax/articles/singapore-budget-2020-commentary.html