Registration Management

Compass Events prides itself on running smooth and effortless events. 

With a variety of registration options like QR code, manual and semi-manned, we ensure you receive the best option for your event.

We break down our registration options into 3 key categories: On-site registration, online registration and help-desk.

Registration at the Asian Actuarial Conference managed by Compass Events

On-site registration

Compass Events will help plan and recommend the best use of space and registration option available to suit your event. Be it manned, manual or through automation like QR code registration, we will help you set it up for a quick and easy entry for attendees to your event. Additional manpower can be placed on hand for the compilation of attendance, payments or to answer basic questions.

Automated Registration with QR Code scanning for events and conferences by Compass Events

Online registration

Online registration involves management of registration via an online platform and the option to track attendance, collection of gifts or providing updates. Reminder emails and information will be sent out to ensure all participants are up to date with any changes. Our team is also well-versed in mobile app registrations and will be more than happy to assist you should you require usage of any specific applications!

Conference Registration at Raffles City Convention Centre Singapore by Compass Events

Help Desk

A help desk assists attendees with basic information like directions and WiFi passwords, avoiding confusion and reducing mistakes like attendees heading to the wrong room. You can consider them as a lighthouse for all your guests!

Ask us how we can help you manage your event registration.