Livestream Services

Leave no one out from your events! Livestream services have now changed how events can be attended and Compass Events has the technical expertise to help you.

Our in-depth grasp of multiple specialised systems grant us the knowledge to tailor different solutions for each and every event, webinar, live-stream and even podcasting. Services range from provision of live-streaming equipment and services to full support with technical crew and management team.

Live-streaming services are now commonplace, so why choose Compass Events? We ensure only professional quality equipment and services so your live-stream, events and webinars are of the highest professional standards. Our technical professionals will be with you during the entire event so you can focus on the live-stream and enjoy the company of all attending!

Webinar livestream for Deloitte by Compass Events

Live-streaming could be nerve-racking sometimes – after all, you ARE in front of the camera. We understand that pain and have thus created behind-the-scenes options. You can choose to rehearse before the actual live-stream or simply skip the live part and pre-record your stream for future uploads or downloads. Utilizing this technology efficiently can be tricky.

At Compass Events we believe in completely engaging the audience before, during and even after the webinar is done to secure retainment of information.

Pre-event, we analyze and propose best suited timings to stream.

Post-event, we add edits to the clips, providing snippets of the full stream for ease of sharing so attendees will remember the event.

Ask us how we can help you with your livestreaming event.