Seminar Planning

At Compass Events, we believe a quality seminar event comes from subtle attention to details.

Planning a seminar event requires an attentive team to facilitate your important guests. From the video displays to the layout of the room, we ensure every individual, yourself included, leaves the seminar with an open mind and a big smile.

Our services range from the provision of Audio Visual, Backdrops, Photography to full end-to-end services.

Having an aligned vision is important in all forms of business, and we want to deliver that for you to your customers. Through delicate nods either via collaterals or subtle placement of audio-visual equipment, attendees will see a clear union between your brand and the seminar.

We don’t simply do things differently,
we do it better.

We are proud of our past work, for those are what encourages us to push further and be better. Our team believes in constant growth, every event is an opportunity for us to rediscover spaces and apply all past knowledge while learning new methods to excel.

Of course, no event is complete without the frills. Compass Events provides recommendations for dinner experiences and social programs for visiting guests too!

Ask us now and we can discuss your next seminar over said dinner experience!