Lifestyle: Zegna Private Showcase at Fullerton Hotel

Date: February 2017
Venue: Presidential Suite, The Fullerton Hotel
Event: Zegna Private Showcase

The Zegna Private Dinner and Showcase presents the latest fashion lines in the Men’s Fashion Industry. Zegna dressed our pianist, Anthony in full Zegna suit for the evening’s performance at the Presidential Suite.

A quick note is Fullerton Hotel Presidential Suite is possibly one of the most beautiful suites we have laid eyes on. The suite can be accessed via a private lift and it brings you only to the Presidential Suite. It is located outside of the hotel and as such, you do not need to enter the hotel lobby to access the lift.

As you would have thought, the Presidential Suite is likely booked for more product launches and your guests will be pleasantly surprised at the level of details that the suite offers.

A quick fact is the Fullerton Hotel is possibly one of the only hotels in Singapore that offers shoe shine service. This is particularly useful for men whose shoes need a quick shine before heading to the event. The shoe shine service can be found in the washrooms of the property where an automated 4-step machine does it wonderfully for you.

Presidential Suite Fullerton Hotel
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The performance of the night, Anthony Quah clad from head to toe in Zegna. Photo by COMPASS Events 

The dinner held at the Presidential Suite. Styling done in-house by Zegna Events Team. Photo by COMPASS Events 

No details left to chance. Place-cards and menus are meticulously set during the dinner. Photo by COMPASS Events 

Photo by COMPASS Events

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