Australia Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) Global Conference and Gala Dinner
Date: 30th March 2018
Venue: Capella Sentosa

AIBT is a Professional College located in Australia, specialising in Cert IV, Diploma and Advanced Diplomas. Offering online, classroom and blended courses, the College is considered one of Australia’s finest.

The first ever global conference by AIBT was held at the prestigious Capella. With various departments presenting, COMPASS is responsible for providing Event Support including sound systems, speaker management, LED Wall and coordination between various stakeholders as well as AIBT for the event requirements.

Production is an intricate part of any event and COMPASS provided quality workmanship with the Branding Wall.

The ballroom was turnover into the Gala Dinner where awards were presented on the same day. COMPASS was responsible for the entertainment. Grandeur featuring the Harpist and Flutist entertained guests during the cocktail reception and various acts took place during the gala dinner including the Chinese Face Mask Act, Illumination as well as Dylan Foster leading the Jazz Band in the live music.

The Conference: 9.00am to 5.00pm

Branding Wall - Capella Sentosa - Event The Branding Wall at the entrance to the ballroom provided branding support and allowed guests as well as participants to have their photos taken. Photo by COMPASS Events.

LED Wall - Audio Visual - AV Testing and ensuring the presentations as well as slides fit the projectors and LED wall. Photo by COMPASS Events.

LED Wall - Singapore AV Rehearsals and system checks take place in different phrases. Here, we align the LED wall with the correct aspect ratio. Photo by COMPASS Events.

Panel Discussion - Capella - Singapore Event Company The Panel Discussion allows candid posting of questions. Each panelist has their own preference of microphone and were individually controlled by the sound engineer during the conference. Photo by COMPASS Events.

Gala Dinner: 7.00pm to 11.00pm 

Foyer - Capella Sentosa Cocktail Reception at the Capella Ballroom Foyer. Photo by

Harp Singapore - Live Performance Grandeur featuring the Harp and Flute entertained guests during the cocktail reception. Photo by

Lion Dance Singapore - Capella  With majority of the guests attending the conference coming from overseas, the Gala Dinner featured the Lion Dance, providing guests a glimpse of Singapore’s diverse culture. Photo by

Chinese Face Mask - Magic - Singapore Event Company The Chinese Face Mask Performance integrates with Magic and always a crowd pleaser. Photo by

Modern Calligraphy Singapore - Event Modern customised calligraphy was a huge hit with guests with snaking queues to have their names beautifully calligraphed. Photo by