DNV GL Cocktail Reception

Event: DNV GL Cocktail Reception
Venue: 16 Science Park Road

DNV GL, a global quality assurance and risk management company holds their cocktail reception on an annual basis. Each event is different from the last and this is no exception.

A garden theme was selected with the rooftop as the venue. Special furniture was brought into the event space to enhance the look. From carpet grass cubes to table runners, each table is specially designed, curated and ensured that comfort is not compromised.

To truly wow the guests, an overhead marquee fairy lights are installed.

Music entertainment is from our music arm, COMPASS Entertainment where the company had over 20 years of experience in Singapore, offering music choices to Singapore as well as Asian countries.

Customised Furniture for events
Customised furniture with table decorations lined the event, setting the tone for the evening to come.

customised table runners singapore
Table runners with candles to illuminate the venue during dinner.

An Event and Concept by COMPASS Events

Catering carefully sourced

DNV GL Office Reception