The Asian Brand & Leadership Conclave 2018

Date: March 2018
Venue: Chihuly Room, The Ritz Carlton Millennia

Organised by White Page International and iBrands360, The Asian Brand & Leadership Conclave was held at the Chihuly Room, Ritz Carlton Millennia and was attended by top international CFOs as well as business leaders. In addition, the guest of honor is Mr Patrick Tay, Member of Parliament and Alignment Director, PME in the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC).

The evening celebrates the business leaders and at the same time, open a dialogue via the panel discussion and to further invoke the topics of entrepreneurship, thought design and education.

Awards for the evening include 25 of the most admired and inspirational business leaders, Asia’s Most Admired Brands and launch of a book.

With the size of the Chihuly Room, the event space can take up to 100 pax in round table seating. COMPASS designed the use of space to include a 18ft backdrop, mood and stage lighting as well as sound systems.

Ritz Carlton Chihuly Room by COMPASS
With space design, we were able to fit in 100 guests with mood lighting, specialised audio equipment as well as a 18ft backdrop.

Videography For Events
High Definition Live Feed for the evening.

Conference in Ritz Carlton SIngapore
Member of Parliament, Mr Patrick Tay delivering his keynote speech during the Asian Brand & Leadership Conclave Singapore 2018.

Product Launch Singapore
The Book Launch with Mr Patrick Tay, Mr Taha Coburn, Mr Rohit Ohri and Mr Kiren Tanna. (Left to right)

Panel discussion for conference singapore
Panel Discussion with the business leaders.

Ka Edu Associates Fatima Agarkar in Singapore 2018
Miss Fatima Agarkar, Founder of Ka Edu Associates providing her insights during the discussion.