Launch of online gig platform: Zomwork

Date: 6th April 2018
Venue: Pan Pacific Hotel, Pacific Ballroom

Zomwork is a joint venture between China’s largest online freelancing platform ZBJ Network and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). The programme will feature a series of trips to China and learn from Chinese companies as well as local government officials how to better leverage the business model on using freelancers.

The launch, attended by newly appointed Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Chan Chun Sing who oversaw the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. Currently, Zomwork has about 150 registered gig seekers and over 200 companies onboard the platform.

COMPASS supported the event with design, production, audio visual as well as registration.

Zomwork Backdrop at Pan Pacific Hotel
The design as well as the production of the backdrop by COMPASS.
Photo by COMPASS Events

Zomwork Launch at the Pan Pacific Hotel
The partnership with Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS) , Nanyang Polytechnic and SkillsFuture.
Photo by COMPASS Events

Chan Chun Sing at Launch of Zomwork
Mr Chan Chun Sing greeted at the Lobby of the Pan Pacific Hotel. Photo by COMPASS Events

Chan Chung Sing, Jason Teo at Pan Pacific Hotel
The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Mr Jason Teo (Zomwork) and Miss Megan Ong (SiRS). Photo by COMPASS Events

Conference in Singapore with panel discussion
A lively panel discussion together with the founders of Zomwork. Photo by COMPASS Events

Conventional Q&A will involve a ‘runner’ or a stage hand to pass the wireless microphone to the participant. While this is conventional and still practiced, a more effective approach will be to utilise an Online Q&A platform to prevent any downtime.

COMPASS has a premium service which our customers can leverage on complimentary. An event code is generated for the conference and guests are able to log in to post questions. On top of that, an iPad Pro is provided to the moderator who can screen through the questions.

The account supports up 1000 participants and polls are unlimited. It also allows event branding as well as embed live videos together. No app is required to be downloaded and it works off a web browser.

At COMPASS, we subscribe to the notion of Every-Question-Matters. We compile the questions and send them to the panel for their input. Upon receiving the answers, we will post it out out on Twitter or Facebook creating a more interactive experience for the participants.