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5 Ways To Make Your Conference Tech-Savvy

Holding a conference or meeting in Singapore and thinking about sprucing it up with tech elements? We provide you 5 key points to make it Apple-worthy.

(1): LED wall

The fundamental of a tech-conference is the LED wall. It differentiates from the more commonly used projectors and provides a higher contrast.

Fintech LED Wall at Red Dot Museum
Fintech 2016 at the Red Dot Museum. Photo by COMPASS

The highest lumens projector in Singapore will be near 22,000 Lumens. It is industry leading but compared to a P3 LED Wall (we will touch on the ‘P’ in a separate article), the LED wall will reflect clearer displays. This is a vital point if you are having the venue lights to be 100% as in most conferences. 

Google Pixel Launch
Launch of Google Pixel. Photo by YouTube.

Projectors are either front-throw or back-throw. Front-throw can be tricky with guests or service staff unknowingly walking in front of the projector. 

18000 Lumens Projector at the Fullerton Hotel
18000 Lumens Projector at the Fullerton Hotel. Photo by COMPASS

Back-throw projector reduces incidents by placing at the back of the screen. However,  it reduces the intensity of the projection which makes the output dimmer.

Backthrow Projector at Conrad
Backthrow Projector at the Conrad. Photo by COMPASS

This being said, not all venues are able to accomodate an LED wall. The wall takes up significantly more power compared with a projector and the operating cost will have to include Single Line Drawing (SLD) as well as P Endorsement if the wall exceeds 3m. 

In Singapore, it is common practice to source for 3 separate quotations. Do your comparison but do not choose the cheapest. Instead, try to understand why is this vendor charging much lesser then the others and make the informed decision. 

We had an experience where our client got their own contact at 1/3 of our price . During the installation and testing, we observed there were dead pixels from the LED wall. We questioned and the vendor said it is permissible in their policy for up to 6 dead pixels.

We counted 6 patches of 6.

(2): Sound Systems
Sound systems vary with different specifications and costing. Some can cost a few hundred while there are vendors who charges thousands.

Google I:O 2017 by Android Authority
Google I/O Conference 2017. Photo by Android Authority

The difference is in the details. Ask your vendor if he is suspending the speakers from the ceiling or using ground mounted speakers on tripods. Most tech conferences such as Google I/O uses truss suspended speakers called ‘Line Array’ to deliver superior sound quality.

The line array, without a doubt, delivers a superior sound experience for the participants. However, it is also costly.  For the budget conscious, speak to your vendor on the best configuration for your conference. Each venue is different and the sound systems can be customised to best suit without affecting your KPI.

(3): Electronic Registration

Forget about paper registration and Excel spreadsheets. By using a microsite, it can generate QR codes and allows participants to register on the day as well as pre-registration. 

The Electronic Registration has many scalcable features including sending an email or text to remind participants of the conference, Payment Gateways, On Site Registration and even time-stamping and activity tracking. Some vendors such as GevMe are even able to develop features upon request. 

An on site technician to be on standby during the day of registration is important. The cost varies with different companies but they will make a world of difference if there are any issues with the hardware on the day. We will always ensure there is one technician to standby as well as one of our staff to work hand in hand during the busiest day of the conference.

And always, always cater more lanyards and badges. Delegates loses them more often than you think and needs a reprint.

(4): Everything HD (High-Definition)  

You got your P3 LED Wall, awesome sound systems and state of the art registration systems. But the presentation you did on Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote looks fuzzy on the screens. The images is not as sharp as you see on your laptop and the presentation cannot be seen clearly from the back row.

Before checking in with your Visual Technician, check your PowerPoint and make sure you are using HD images. Seasoned speakers uses Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynotes during their presentations instead of exporting to PDF.

In addition, forget about the dated VGA cable in your laptop and use HDMI port. HDMI outputs are clearer as well as higher quality and allows audio output all in one cable. While you are at it, remember to request for a HD switcher that supports HDMI.

Your AV vendor should be able to provide you with the cables and you just need to bring your laptop with the HDMI port. Reputable Audio Visual companies also provide HDMI-ready laptops so just transfer your presentation into a thumbdrive.

(5): Live Stream  

Live Stream is one of the most effective ways to reach a large audience. By leveraging on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, your conference is able to reach the masses without the inconvenience of travelling.

Livestream Example of Apple Keynote Conference
Example of LiveStream at an Apple Event

What you need is a streaming platform and a videographer with dedicated internet access.

An experienced videographer is imperative to the live stream process. The standard video quality output in Singapore for a live stream is 720p and we do not recommend selecting a higher resolution such as HD 1080p. While Singapore is able to support 1080p for YouTube streaming, there are a number of countries out of Singapore that has limited Wi-fi speeds.

Another platform: has a comprehensive suite of functions. Livestream has real time monitoring of viewers, geographic locations and many other data made available to the user, depending on the package you choose.

The prices ranges from USD42 / month up to Enterprise at USD799 / month. If you are streaming via to Facebook and YouTube, we suggest you take the USD199 / month package where it comes complete with Analytics.

Livestream Packages and Price There you have it. 5 ways to make your conference tech-savvy. While you are at it, check out the Top 5 Hotels in Singapore to Hold a Conference.

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